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Meeting Notes 8/30/2017

Joe Kosner  | Published on 9/6/2017

So happy to see that Victoria made it back from her home in Venezuela. Thank you to the many who have and continue to support her journey here as she starts school at WCC.
While here Victoria is not allowed to work and there is no way for her family to support her from Venezuela.To support her education, a fund has been set up through the local nonprofit Chase the Moon, where tax-deductible checks can be made to the foundation for the "Victoria Fund" and mailed to Aurora Sunrise Rotary, Box 5352, Aurora, IL 60507. For more information, call Olson at 630-701-0817 or email at

Smaranda has finally been enrolled at West Aurora High School after getting through some red tape. She got lost a couple of times in her first week in the maze that is WAHS.

Pong went with Smaranda and Victoria to the lake house in Michigan with the other in-bound students over the weekend. 

Pong giving Ben Black her club flag from Thailand.

Luwero Water Project Update
The grant from RI is waiting on 1 signature from the Foundation Chair in Uganda. We will give it until October before we take any other measures to get things going there. Everything else is ready to proceed.

Rich and Linnea Forney of The Salvation Army joined us today to tell us about their ministry.
Salavation Army has been in Aurora for 132 years and they will be moving into a new building behind West Plaza very soon.
Among the many things they do, they will be having a Red Kettle Kick-Off Nov 20 6:30pm - 8:30pm at The Paramount Theatre in downtown Aurora.


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  Victoria was a recent in-bound from Venezuela and she has recently returned to pursue her college education. We never forget those who have gone out-bound or those we have been able to host for a year as an in-bound.
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Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.

  Julieta having some fun in Brasil