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June 3rd Meeting Notes

Joe Kosner  | Published on 6/3/2015
June 3rd 2015
Welcome home Eric Dominguez! Below is a post from his parents

True story…our youngest son Eric Dominguez is on a 24 hour flight home as I write this. Thailand has been his “HOME” for the past year…all I wish for all exchange students around the world is that no matter what country was your “HOME” this past year…It was The World where you learned to grow up and be your own person…WELCOME BACK HOME!

Sunday June 7th Alyssa Debolt will be home from Belgium.
July 8th there will be a joint induction of officers for the new Rotary year and there will also be a charter night for the Montgomery Club. As their host club it would good for us to show up in numbers. More details to come.
Inbound Update
Laura and Lorenz are winding their year down and have been spending some time in Chicago. Lorenz received his transcript from West High and he finished 38th in his class. Laura was number 1 in exchange student detentions.
Of course they both went through the West Aurora graduation ceremony last week.
Guests Today
Marjorie Groot attended her first ever meeting which is amazing given that Guy has been a member for a long time.
Lisa from Mutual Ground who is looking to become a member of the club. Sorry I missed her last name.
Guest Speaker
Gregory Mc Mahill from the Fox Valley Orchestra
Fox Valley Orchestra is a non profit that helps put instruments in the hands of under privileged youth in Aurora through a program called El Sistema. They are currently in 6 schools with 350 kids participating.
June 28th they will be holding their Gala and you can sign up at the link below.
Dr Dave had the winning ticket and after playing 43 card pick up he chose something other than the Joker.
 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Linda Callaghan

Joel Huffman
Ben Black

Brian Olsen



Harriet Parker
Sergeant At Arms
Dan Howard

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Linda Callaghan
Ben Black
Joel Huffman
Brian Olsen
Chris Olson
Harriet Parker
Joe Kosner
Charlie Schmalz
Sue Debolt
David Siegfried
  Victoria was a recent in-bound from Venezuela and she has recently returned to pursue her college education. We never forget those who have gone out-bound or those we have been able to host for a year as an in-bound.
  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Elder Care Center

Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry
Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Guy, Dave, Sue, Brian and Ben did some painting recently at the Food Pantry while Lewis cleaned the carpets.

  Julieta having some fun in Brasil