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Latest News 8/17/2011

 | Published on 8/17/2011

G Mary Daugherty came to welcome Katriina and Pedro.
Mary will be hosting a student from South Korea as soon as the students papers are in order.

Coach Alphonso & Players
Cowherd Middle School
Coach Alphonso came over to thank us again for our support in purchasing new football jerseys for his team. They are now in need of new game day pants. Thanks Coach for all you do for those students as it shows in what great kids they are.

New Members
Bob Shemansky, Architect
Rev. Mark Harkness, Clergy
Welcome to our club and we are sure you will help us to continue being a beacon on the community.
President Dave put a stop to our hazing activities of new members last year. We are waiting on word from President Dan to see if we can continue. All we can say is bring a rain coat, goloshes, protective eye wear and stretch real good prior to our next meeting.
 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Linda Callaghan


Ben Black
Brian Olsen


Harriet Parker
Sergeant At Arms
Dan Howard

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Joel Huffman
Brian Olsen
Chris Olson
Harriet Parker
Joe Kosner
Charlie Schmalz
  Victoria was a recent in-bound from Venezuela and she has recently returned to pursue her college education. We never forget those who have gone out-bound or those we have been able to host for a year as an in-bound.
  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

We are now involved with helping Simply Destinee. Simply Destinee uses dance to reach teens to help prevent suicide and to increase the awareness in our community
Mutual Ground
Teen Night

Elder Care Center

Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry
Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Another Year Goes By
It Is Always Hard To Say Goodbye
 Chloe and Parents
Chloe and her parents at her last meeting with us