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Happy Notes

 | Published on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joel forked over a happy buck because he did NOT win the raffle at the Kane County Cougar game recently. Really! Do you think anyone feels sorry for you? Deep down there was a standing ovation.

Ron just returned from his anniversary cruise on the East Coast. When asked how he and Mary have done it, he explained that she was on the west coast for the cruise.

Tom just returned from a family vacation in Wisconsin where he gave the potato cannon a good workout. I am not sure what that means but Aqua Net hair spray was used. TMI! Oh wait it had to do with blowing things up with the grandkids. Once again Hal thanked him for the job security.

Dan just returned from Ram hunting in Colorado? When does this guy work and run the club? I thought the Rams are in St Louis.

Charlie had the best news of all, that his daughter had a good outcome on her surgery and pathology report. Charlie we are all praying for her and your family. Stay strong!

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  One of the hardest things we do as a club comes out of the most rewarding. Year after year saying goodbye to our inbound students is never easy. Thank you Victoria for sharing your experiences this year with us.
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We are now involved with helping Simply Destinee. Simply Destinee uses dance to reach teens to help prevent suicide and to increase the awareness in our community
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Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Another Year Goes By
It Is Always Hard To Say Goodbye
 Chloe and Parents
Chloe and her parents at her last meeting with us