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Want to go on Exchange 2018-2019?
Here are the important dates
September 1 WAHS Presentation
September 20 Club Interviews
September 30 District Interviews

Keep checking back for details and the application


Anubis Rivera-France

Alexis Patino-Japan

Samantha Samano-Belgium

Julia Drendel-Hungary

Vanessa Bello -Brazil

Pawdoh Soe-Germany

Jacqueline Sanchez-Germany

What IS Rotary Exchange?
Find out! Click the image below:
Out-Bounds 2016-2017
Madeline enjoying her birthday in Faroe islands
Ana Magana attending Nasa Stuzkova (Prom) in Slovakia
McKenzie learning how to sail in Mexico

Emma Boyle wins first place in a Rotary speech contest in Thailand. She gave the speech in Thai! 
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News / Articles

Meeting Notes 4/26/2017
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Guest Speaker Cynthia Wade Do-Over.Me
Meeting Notes 4/19/2017
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Guest Speaker Caroline Olinger Seniors Helping Seniors
Meeting Notes April 12th 2017
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We honored Michelle Meyer with Paul Harris Fellowship Award
Meeting March 29
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Meeting notes form Wednesday March 29th 2017
Todays Meeting Notes
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Jim Pilmer was our guest speaker from Fox Valley Park District
Meeting Notes 3/15/2017
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Been a while since I updated the meetings and I will try to be more consistent.
Meeting Notes 8/24/2016
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Haley Olson was our guest speaker and our new inbounds,
Chloe from France and Patricia from Austria came to their first meeting.
District Governor Visit
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District Governor Ron Broida Visit
Newest Members
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New Members
Meeting Notes 4/20/2016
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District Governor Osei joined us and spoke about this year’s theme “Being a Gift to the World”
Meeting Notes 4/13/2016
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The meeting was hosted by Mutual Ground, one of the local charities supported by Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club.
Meeting Notes 4/6/2016
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Tim Strueber gave his classification talk and discussed a project of his to build an outdoor broadband Wi-Fi network for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation encompassing parts of North and South Dakota.
Meeting Notes 3/30/2016
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Bob Evanosky presented his business Aspen Lane Wine Company in Aurora along with their mission to raise funds for organizations focused on helping people with disabilities.
Meeting Notes 3/23/16
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Vernon LaVia gave a presentation about the christening of the USS Illinois Submarine and three new members were inducted.
Meeting Notes 3/16/2016
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The Executive Director at Hesed House, Ryan Dowd, gave a presentation and answered questions about the programs and assistance offered to the community by Hesed House in Aurora. We also had visitors from Rotary District 9110 in Nigeria who joined us for the meeting.
Meeting Notes 3/9/2016
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We heard a presentation about Aunt Mary’s Storybook which is a program that helps incarcerated parents record a book for their children to listen to.
Meeting Notes 1/6/2016
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Chris Olson shared a presentation from his recent trip to Uganda with updates on the Luwero Water Project to build sustainable wells in Uganda.
Meeting Notes 11/04/2015
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Past district governor Pat Merryweather gave a presentation about Rotary district projects and programs. These included the current status and goals of the polio eradication program as well as global grants and scholarships funded by the Rotary Foundation.
Meeting Notes 10/28/2015
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Menelek Shah spoke about the power of ideas and the need to transition from old to new ideas as society changes. He also discussed the need for mentoring youth to provide them with a means of advancing their own well-being as well as for the improvement of our society in general. Menelek is a police officer at NIU and also a life coach and speaker.
Meeting Notes 10/21/2015
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Eric Dhom and Eric Moch of Aurora Family Counseling Service presented their Big Brothers Big Sisters program.
Meeting Notes 9/23/2015
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Bill Price gave his classification presentation. He discussed his travels with his family early in life that led him to a career in law. Bill also spoke about his practice Growth Law and the nature of the work he does there.
Meeting Notes 9/16/2015
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Dan Howard gave his classification presentation. He discussed his career in Information Technology as well as his family and hobbies.
Meeting Notes 9/9/2015
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Mera stopped back to give an update on the new Montgomery club and spoke about her trip to Sao Paulo Brazil this summer for the 2015 Rotary International convention.
Meeting Notes 8-12-2015
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Our new inbound student has arrived.
Rich & Richelle Howard were here to tell us about their ministry work in Rowanda and the Congo
June 3rd Meeting Notes
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Next meeting June 10th we will be at
Old Second Bank 37 S River St Aurora

The students are coming home, the students are packing up!
May Meeting Updates
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New Club, new members, guests and much more!
Meeting Notes March & April
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Here are some meeting notes to get you caught up.
Meeting Updates 2-25 & 3-4
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Sorry I got a little behind so here is an update on our exciting meetings!
Meeting Notes 2/11/2015
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Wine and Chocolate Update
50/50 is growing to over $400.
Meeting Notes 2/4/2015
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It was a great meeting but turn out was low because people were still shoveling out.
Meeting Notes 1/28/2015
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LASO from Aurora University joined us and we debriefed on the Wine and Chocolate Experience.
Meeting Notes 1-7-2015
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Young Hearts For Life presented and we also had a few guests.
December Meetings
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Many exciting things happened in December so check them out.
Meeting Notes November 11, 2014
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We would like to thank all veterans for their sacrifice to protect our freedoms. They truly have put service above self and some paid the ultimate sacrifice. May God bless them and their families.
Meeting October 28
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No guest speaker this week but plenty of guests
Meeting Notes 10-15-2014
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Lorenz told us all about Switzerland

Joel finally let someone look for the Joker

Lots of guests
Meeting Notes October 8 2014
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Laura shred with us about her country, Columbia

Many, many guests this morning as we meet some of the 2015-2016 outbound candidates

Birthday's X 3
Meeting Notes October 1 2014
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Triple Threat Mentoring was our guest speaker

More updates from Laura and Lorenz

Elections were held to fill our 2 open positions
September 17th Meeting Notes
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A 1997 Exchange Student Returns
Getting Ready For Festival of Lights
Laura and Lorenz Updates
Meeting Notes 9/10/2014
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Laura and Lorenz updates
Important dates
Rich Gartelman classification talk
More of Joel's hair insecurities
Meeting Notes 9/3/2014
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Strange bald quotes from Joel
Sue DeBolt guest speaker
Laura and Lorenz update
Plus much more
Meeting Notes 8/27/2014
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We welcomed Laura Romero from Columbia today.

Jim Housch joined us as guest of Dr. Jack

50/50 update

More planning for next year.
General Meeting
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Today we were introduced to Lorenz from Switzerland, held a Club Assembly to plan for next year and the future direction of the club.
The Oswego club stopped in to tell us about Chukkers For Charity
Paul Harris Fellows were recognized.
Supporting Mutual Ground
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New kitchen equipment and furniture for Mutual Ground was provided through a grant with the Rotary Foundation.
Adam Wirtz - New Sunrise Rotary Applicant!
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Adam Wirtz membership applicant
Jack Sharratt Applied for Sunrise Club Membership
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Jack Sharratt has applied to be a member of Aurora Sunrise Rotary after transferring from the Batavia Rotary Club. Any objections should be directed to the Club Board of Directors.
Alex Hasan Joins Aurora Sunrise Rotary!
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New Member Alex (Ashraf) Hasan
New Membership Application!
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Potential member has applied to ASRC
Charities We Support 2011-2012
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Sunrise Rotary gave away thousands to some very worthy causes.
In-Bound Returns
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Eva returns for a visit.
Member News
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Red Bearded Members and Happy Thoughts
New Member
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Bonnie Sebby from the Aurora Public Library
Member News 2-8-2012
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Hal's travels, fundraiser activity and happy thoughts.
Member News 2-1-2012
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What is on our minds
News and Notes 1/25/2012
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Notes from our meeting 1/18 & 1/25
Happy Moments 1/11/2012
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Member News
New Member Chris Olson
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Chris Olsen becomes our newest member and his family will also be Katriina's next host family.
Member Happy Bucks and News
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Club Christmas Party and news from the 14th.
Sunrise Rotary Rings The Bell
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We rang the bell at the Jewel Food Store on Galena Blvd in Aurora.
News from November 9
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Happy Dollars
50/50 Winner
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Congratulations Karen Sims
Hal Carlson medals
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Hal competed in the Fire/Police games in New York
50/50 Raffle
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Will there be winner?
Club News
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Happy Bucks and News
Prayer for 9-11-2011
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We must never forget!
Happy Bucks
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Return of members, Cracker Jack surprises? Read on!
Sunrise Rotary at Kane County Cougars
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August 30th a group attended the Cougars game.
Latest News 8/17/2011
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New Members, New In-bounds
Happy Notes
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Happy Notes Week of 8/17/2011
Guest Speaker for February 23, 2011
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Senator Chris Lauzen
 Aurora Sunrise Rotary Club 
Club President
Benjamin Black

Your name here
Chris Olson
Brian Olsen


Harriet Parker
Sergeant At Arms
Dan Howard

Aurora Sunrise Rotary Board Members

Joel Huffman
Brian Olsen
Chris Olson
Harriet Parker
Joe Kosner
Charlie Schmalz
  One of the hardest things we do as a club comes out of the most rewarding. Year after year saying goodbye to our inbound students is never easy. Thank you Victoria for sharing your experiences this year with us.
  Who Does Aurora Sunrise Rotary Help?

We are now involved with helping Simply Destinee. Simply Destinee uses dance to reach teens to help prevent suicide and to increase the awareness in our community
Mutual Ground
Lifespring/Wayside Cross
CASA Kane County
Fox Valley Christian Action
Aurora Inter-Faith Food Pantry
Once a month we stock the shelves on a Monday

Another Year Goes By
It Is Always Hard To Say Goodbye
 Chloe and Parents
Chloe and her parents at her last meeting with us



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